Abraxas has a GEMINI double track head foil.

The GEMINI luff tape has both a 5/32 and a 7/32 bolt rope.  The larger pulls it through pre-feeder, but only the smaller actually goes into the track.

Captain and Crew holding the Governor's Plate

Abraxas flying the 1.5 ounce spinnaker.

Flying the spinnaker in heavy winds using a chute sock.  That blue spinnaker in the distance is Abraxas.

Beating to windward that same day.  Winds gusting over 25 knots.

Great Salt Lake in winter, frozen deck, frozen ground, freezing air, liquid water.  Sailing 365 days of the year.

Abraxas'  Doyle Mylar Composite 155 is used most often.  This sail also appears in the next image.

Abraxas at the start of the 2001 Polar Bear Cup.  Abraxas took second place.  The first place boat was Tomcat, a Pinnacle 29, sailing directly ahead of Abraxas.

Abraxas' storm jib.

Skipper and Crew holding Polar Bear Cup 2001 second place plaque.

Cruising around between races with Longshot, an Olson 30.

Cruising around between races with True Colors, a Ranger 33.

Abraxas' skipper waiting his turn on crane day.

Just about into the water.

And trailer lauching is also possible, but its hard on the trailer in all the salt.

A good view of the  Dacron 155. Abraxas also has a Dacron 150 and 110 and a composite 155..

January 1, 2001.  A cold, gray day, look how thick the frost is on the shrouds.

Abraxas' crew holding SLC Olympic torch.

The burgee of the Great Salt Lake Yacht Club , Abraxas' home port.